Jessica Jones Season 3 Beats You Over The Head With Very Elementary Concepts of Morality

Marvel’s run of Netflix shows comes to an end with Jessica Jones season 3 and it was certainly an interesting few years. Daredevil was probably their best effort but was also fairly predictable and unrealistic at times.

Luke Cage attempts to make statements on racial issues but failed to actually dive deep into those ideas as well as they potentially could have.

Iron Fist is the worst show ever made.

And Jessica Jones was the beloved by both fans and critics.

But let’s talk about the ongoing conflict of season 3: Trish Walker understanding right from wrong.

According to some studies, children can discern between right from wrong as early as 19 months old.

Trish Walker is a grown ass woman in her 30’s who can’t wrap her head around these simple ideas.

In the first season, Patsy reprimands Jessica Jones for killing Kilgrave. She’s all for the legal system and justice and doing things the correct legal way which is a very juvenile understanding of the flaws, loopholes of the American justice system especially considering that technically, Kilgrave made Jessica commit all his crimes for him so Jessica would most likely serve time for his action.

At the end of season 2, Patsy shoots and kills Jessica’s mother when she was subdued and not harming anyone and Patsy was able to easily compartmentalize that murder because it was for the greater good.

The same woman who looked down on Jessica for killing murders in season one was now participating in those same ethical decisions.

You could make the argument that she grew as a character or that her near-death experience(s) have changed her perspective or that she just wanted to be a hero and save Jessica.

Except that season 3 starts with Patsy and Jessica working together and both agreeing to let the legal system take over when they catch criminals only for Patsy to turn into a Dexter-esque serial killer who targets other killers.

She claims her superpower is her ability to deal with the burden and guilt of taking another person’s life and shouts out ‘now you know what it feels like to be powerless’ as she breaks people’s noses.

If the conversations between Trish and Jessica about morality didn’t drown you enough then fortunately this show introduced a character who quite literally gets sick when he stands next to ‘evil’ people.

Erik, Jessica’s new bae, gets headaches when he’s in proximity to people who have done bad things because this show needs to hold your hand through very simplistic moral conundrums.

We as the audience need not worry about whether or not we should agree with Trish’s more extreme motives because Erik’s eyes are bleeding when she touches him, therefore, she’s bad. No further exploration necessary.

Would’ve loved if we had to decide for ourselves who was right or wrong but nope, the guy who just like, gets bad vibes, is bleeding.

Jessica Jones season 3 will go down with the rest of Marvel’s Netflix shows as way too long and bogged down by 13 hour-long episodes. It took four episodes to even meet who the main villain was.

Two episodes were replays of the previous ones but from a different character’s point of view.

There was a scene where Jessica Jones legit wrestled the villain. Like, Olympic mat wrestling. For no reason at all.

Thank god Marvel isn’t making anymore Netflix shows. Hopefully they leanred valuable lessons and will keep their MCU shows on the Disney streaming app to an easily digestible 30-minute 8-10 episode long season.

Farewell Jessica Jones and the creepy lingering camera shots of your ass in every single episode.

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