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Fox News Anchor Jesse Watters Says Ivanka Trump Holds a Microphone Like a Dick

I’ve gotten on my high horse before about respecting women and blah blah. When the random reporter mocked Melania and called her a hooker I ran to my soapbox to proclaim how insensitive those remarks were. Been there, done that.

But I love this move by Jesse Watters. On it’s own, it’s simply a lame dick joke. There are kids in middle school making the same wise cracks. Not funny at all. As someone who writes jokes all day, I am personally offended. Has nothing to do with the president’s daughter. I just can’t have bad jokes clouding up the airwaves and blocking out my better ones.

But I love this because he starts off by calling out the left for not respecting women and then immediately disrespects a woman. It’s like making a lame ‘Asian people can’t drive’ joke and then immediately driving into a pole when you pull out of your driveway.

Shout out to Fox News for finally overcoming their sexual harassment problems over there. They got rid of Bill O’Reilly and now Jesse Watters is really changing the tides over there at that wonderful organization.




Sidenote: Ivanka Trump kind of held that microphone like a dick.




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