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Jeff Flake Admits He Didn’t Believe Brett Kavanaugh But Still Proceed To Vote Him into a Lifelong Supreme Court Justice Position

Wow, how brave of Senator Jeff Flake to come onto the view and talk about how powerful it was to be confronted by all those women on the elevator who were survivors of sexual assault. It’s so moving to hear that it had a real impact on him and that he recognizes the Me Too movement as a necessary¬†change in our society.

Reaaaal shame that none of that shit matters because he was the deciding vote that allowed Brett Kavanaugh, an accused sexual predator, to become a Supreme Court Justice thus fucking over women for generations to come.

What a hero you are, Jeff Flake.

When directly asked if he believed Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony he flat out admitted that he didn’t know. This may seem crazy but if you aren’t sure whether or not a man who is about to act as the face for morale, social and political order in America, sexually assaulted a woman or not, maybe just vote no and call up the next judge in line who, you know, didn’t try to rape someone.

I’m not here for this ‘I’m sorry’ tour like he’s responsible for the BP oil spill a few years ago. Sitting on a panel of women to say that you feel for women a week after you proudly did not give a fuck about women does not change our opinions of you, you bitch.

We were one Jeff Flake away from living in a Handmaid’s Tale society and here we are. You fucked us, Flake. I better not see Flake out here dancing with Ellen tomorrow during this apology tour or I’m going to explode.





sidenote: The View is still a TV show. Lol.





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