JD Martinez is a Pervert That Should Be Behind Bars

TRIGGER WARNING: JD Martinez Pervert Alert.


I’m disgusted. I’m appalled. I’m ashamed to have even watched this game live and witnessed this disgusting pervert, JD Martinez reach out and assault and attack this poor woman who just wanted to watch a sporting event on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in Boston.

Some might say that JD was simply bracing himself against the wall and this woman’s huge tits spilled over the wall and into his hands accidentally but then you see she’s wearing a Yankees t-shirt and it’s very clear JD was seeking revenge. The Red Sox were losing and he wanted to punish a Yankees fan.


This is also a good a time as any to remind everyone that JD Martinez is a MAGA gun obsessed psychopath that posted this on his Instagram:

Quick rule for everyone: if you’re posting a photo of Hitler, you’re already in the wrong. It doesn’t matter what your ‘message’ is. Get Adolf the fuck off my timeline, guy.

Second, Hitler never even said this shit. People obsessed with guns are dumb as hell and susceptible to any propaganda as long as they can shine their guns that make them feel better about whatever personality inadequacies they’re too lazy to take the time to fix.

And if I know anything about gun people, they think grabbing women by the pussy is totally a chill thing to do so yes, JD Martinez is a pervert who should be arrested before he gets rejected one day and decides to take those guns he’s hoarding out for a spin one day.

Everyone hide your tits, JD is coming.


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