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Jay Bruce: No Hits, Just Vibes

The New York Yankees currently sit in last place of the AL East after another embarrassing loss to the Toronto Blue Jays. These early struggles cannot be the fault of one singular player BUT if you had to point a finger, Jay Bruce is where you’d start.

Today, the Yankees lost 4-5. Jay Bruce was 0-for-4 with 2 k’s. Dope. Bruce is now 4-for-34 this season giving him a .118 batting average with 13 strikeouts. Dope. The 34-year old is also struggling to play first base as he is a straight up statue out there.

Luke Voit suffered a partial tear in his meniscus prior to the season after leading the AL in homers last season. Obviously having that linebacker out of the lineup is a huge loss but uh, Jay Bruce is a 3-time All-Star and 34 isn’t that old.

You wouldn’t expect his talent to have evaporated this quickly but it’s very clear that he should not be playing first base on a daily basis and he certainly wouldn’t be if he wasn’t one of the only lefty batters in the lineup.

The oddest part of this failing Jay Bruce experiment is that the Yankees have other options available and seem to have no interest in even attempting to explore them.

I don’t love Mike Ford as much as many Yankees fans do.

He frequently looks like some pizza boy from Staten Island that got Yankees Fantasy Camp for his birthday and he’s getting the chance to get some at-bats with Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton for some cheap printed out signed polaroids and a wooden Yankees bat.

They also have a secret BAT hiding in the minor leagues.

Chris Gittens hit 3 homers during Spring Training slashing .316/.458/.789. Last season, Coronavirus swallowed up the minor league season but in 2019, Gittens hit 23 bombs and 77 RBIs in AA. I have no reason to believe that he couldn’t also get 4 hits this year like Bruce.

The Yankees acquired Rougned Odor from the Texas Rangers last week. The 27-year second baseman has 3 seasons of 30+ bombs. You could start him and move DJ LeMahieu to first base. Send Jay Bruce to the unemployment line. Problem solved.

Honestly feel bad for Bruce and other lefty batters who have pretty much been jettison from the league because of opposing teams’ defensive shifts that render left-handed hitters unplayable. Shifts ended Mark Teixeira’s career. Oh, and Greg Bird’s. And now Jay Bruce’s.

Abolish the shift.

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