James Harden vs. Jimmer Fredette Was The Most Exciting Basketball Moment All Year

The Houston Rockets beat the Shanghai Sharks 128-86 which on paper seems like an absolute blowout but if you watched the game, it was two of the best scorers in the world battling in a meaningless game full of heat checks, traveling and straight chucking the ball up. The perfect game.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet James Harden’s new move: the step back behind the back 3-pointer straight out of NBA Street. Is that move traveling? Yea, probably. Does it matter? Absolutely not. Let James Harden do whatever he wants out there. He’s about to win his second MVP award with this new trick.

James Harden dropped nine 3-pointers and ended the game with 37 points. Yes, we should probably take this performance with a grain of salt because he played against the Shanghai Sharks but it’s not about the Sharks. It’s about Jimmer.

Don’t. Let. Jimmer. Get. Hot.

Fredette put up 41 points in this loss and went shot for shot with the reigning NBA MVP. That game was like watching the evolution of basketball unravel before our eyes. James Harden is like Jimmer Fredette’s final form.

Imagine if Jimmer was drafted to 1. a better organization than the Sacremento Kings and 2. a modern NBA that realized 3-point shots are worth more than 2-point midrange jumpers. We’d be seeing James Harden Jimmer Fredette battles at least 3 times a year as both men try to win the scoring title.

This is cocaine basketball for me. Chuck up 3’s. Score 40 points on 40 shot attempts. Travel. Inject this James Harden Jimmer Fredette battle directly into my veins.



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