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James Harden is the First Player in NBA History to Score 2,000 Points and Assist on 2,000 Points

Soooo, James Harden is the NBA MVP right? What more does this man have to do before we can stop ‘debating’ about who should win the trophy. James Harden is personally responsible for over 4,000 points for the Houston Rockets.

The debate gets even more one-sided after he achieved this feat against the Oklahoma City Thunder and Russell Westbrook himself. Westbrook can get all of the triple-doubles he wants but the Thunder are a trash team. You cannot be the most valuable player if you do not win games. What value is he providing?

James Harden is the NBA MVP and no one can tell me otherwise. Get OUT OF HERE with that Westbrook nonsense. And don’t even get me started on guys like Kobe Bryant who think Harden and Westbrook should share the MVP trophy. Vomit emoji.

James Harden for president.




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