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James Bradberry is Going To Save The 2020 New York Giants Defense

The New York Giants have signed former Carolina Panther cornerback, James Bradberry, to a 3-year $45 million deal with $32 million guaranteed.

This is without a doubt the most important signing the Giants needed to make this season considering every cornerback currently on the roster was a rookie last season and one of those rookies was quite literally the worst cornerback in football.

Looking directly at your mediocre ass, DeAndre Baker.

Last season, the Giants were 27th in pass defense and 31st in pass defense DVOA. The only reason why they weren’t dead last is because Janoris Jenkins waited until the end of the year before he called a random fan a retard on Twitter and was cut by the team.

In 2019, Bradberry recorded 65 tackles, 12 pass deflections, 3 interceptions and a sack. He’s a bigger corner which is huge coming off a season where the Giants corners were getting bodied play-after-play.

New defensive coordinator, Patrick Graham, is coming from a system in Miami in which they ran the 4th most man coverage in the league. That’s when James Bradberry shines. Last season he lined up against Julio Jones, Michael Thomas and Mike Evans. In 6 matchups, those receivers averaged 3.5 catches for 48 yards. Lockdown shit.

The only problem with this signing is that it was made by Dave Gettleman, who continues to sign former Carolina Panthers players for absolutely no reason other than the fact that Gettleman thinks he’s some football genius and everyone on those Panthers rosters are A+ players because he acquired them.

If you trust Dave Gettleman then you must be a Philadelphia Eagles fan because everything he’s said and done has been hypocritical and contrary and dumb. The only reason why he wasn’t fired alongside Pat Shurmur is because Daniel Jones is a stud.

That being said, Bradberry is better than the alternative. Byron Jones is a better corner and just signed with the Dolphins for $17 million which is the highest cornerback salary in the league. If Gettleman made a guy the highest-paid at his position, I’d be protesting at Giants HQ.

The corners on this roster stink and they need veteran talent. Corners are tough to grade and we can cherrypick stats that make James Bradberry Top 10 or bottom 200. All I know is that if Bradberry can truly lock down the opposing team’s No.1 receiver then perhaps Leonard Williams will have enough to finally record ONE fucking sack.

Fire Dave Gettleman.






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