Jameis Winston Continues To Make The Dumbest Decisions

Jameis has become Fat Mac.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston intends to play the 2019 season at 250 pounds, which will make him the heaviest quarterback in the NFL, according to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times.

“I’m going to play bigger this year,” Winston said on Saturday at the Bruce Arians Celebrity Golf Tournament. “I’m about 250. Yeah. A solid 250. It’s just about hydration and being at the peak body, too.”(theScore)

Whether he’s grabbing a woman by the pussy or standing on a cafeteria table and yelling about it, Winston is a walking ‘whoops, my bad’. This manchild now plans on becoming the heaviest quarterback in the NFL to reach his ‘peak body’.

For comparison, Cam Newton and Joe Flacco are both sitting comfortably at 6-foot-5, 245 pounds. Jameis Winston is 6-foot-4, weighs 231 pounds and already looks like he’s about 60 pounds heavier than those two. Winston looks incredibly out of shape to begin with so I’m not sure where this body dismorphia is coming from.

He is officially becoming Fat Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia who think he’s ‘cultivating mass’ so he can sculpt his body to look like a bodybuilder but in reality, he’s just a fat gross weirdo with an eating disorder and type II diabetes.

Who told Jameis he needs to be bigger?

Last season, Winston finished 5th in interceptions. He didn’t play in the first 3 games of the season. Since entering the league, no player has turned the ball over more than Jameis. Not sure what him fumbling the ball every game has to do with him being too thin.

This matches perfectly with the type of asshole Jameis Winston is. The man groped an Uber driver and his response wasn’t that he recognizes he treated a woman as an object and that he doesn’t respect the female gender but instead, he promised to drink less. Ah yes, problem fucking solved, you creep.

Now Jameis is trying to solve his inability to read a defense by eating. This is one of the most frustrating players in the league. How about we take accountability for our actions. How about you take a little more time in the film room so you’re not launching passes directly into the chest of the free safety sitting in the zone.

Get fat Jameis Winston OUUUUT of here.

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