Was Jadeveon Clowney’s Hit on Carson Wentz Dirty?

After a 2019 season of quieting the doubters who believed that Carson Wentz was incapable of playing an entire season without getting hurt and needing Nick Foles to come in and finish what he started, Wentz played all 16 games and was ready to compete in his first playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Then Seahawks linebacker, Jadeveon Clowney, decided to go ahead and end Wentz’s season for him early with a helmet-to-helmet tackle that instantly concussed Carson and had him seeing stars in the locker room for the remainder of the game after just one quarter.

Naturally, the debate immediately became whether or not Jadeveon Clowney intentionally knocked out Carson.

If you watch the play again, Clowney clearly dove with his shoulder first and made contact with Carson’s shoulder which is a normal legal play. Unfortunately, we humans keep our heads dangerously close to our shoulders and so their helmets collided.

Every asshole on Twitter that wants us to be aware of their masculinity always says that the way to stop a quarterback like Lamar Jackson from rushing so frequently is to reallyyy hit him hard and now Clowney does the same thing to Carson Wentz and suddenly he’s too aggressive.

Shocked guys on ESPN didn’t call for Clowney’s arrest but it hasn’t been a full 24 hours yet. Adam Schefter must’ve not had his phone charged during the game.

Here’s what Clowney said about the hit:

“It was a bang-bang play. I don’t intend to hurt anybody in this league, let me just put that out there. I’ve been down the injury road; it’s not fun. My intention was not to hurt him. I was just playing fast.”

See, he was just playing fast. He saw Carson Wentz’s lifeless body already very much down on the turf and needed to headbutt the back of his head real quick. Just a bang-bang play. It happens. Football, babyyyyy.

No, it wasn’t a dirty play but my point is that people pretend like they don’t like the physicality of the sport whenever a guy they like suffers from that physicality. Guys are suffering the punishment that equates to a car crash on every single play in this game.

Let’s stop picking and choosing when we’re okay with these collisions and when we suddenly need to clutch our pearls and act like we are witnessing the end of modern civilization.

And real quick, this tackle has nothing to do with Wentz’s inability to stay healthy. Very few people can take 280 pounds to the back of the skull. Yet, here we are still debating this shit on Twitter.

How many times have you watched a TV show or movie where someone got hit in the back of the head and was KOed automatically? Danny Kanell watches those scenes and thinks to himself ‘pussy’.

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