Is There Any Chance Birds of Prey Will Actually Be Good?

Suicide Squad is still to this day one of the worst movies I ever watched. From the premise, to the acting, to the action, all the way to the dumb hot topic stylized credit fonts. The entire movie seemed like a prank on me for sitting through it.

What makes that movie even more frustrating is how much they ruin the source material. Having grown up a DC comics stan, it’s infuriating to see the Suicide Squad movie being reduced to Joker and Harley Quinn fan fiction co-starring Will Smith playing a dramatic overly-serious nothing character.

DC heard my complaints and decided to double-down with a Suicide Squad spin-off movie because I guess when you trick Margot Robbie into signing a multi-film deal, you need to squeeze every last frame out of her.

What makes the Birds of Prey comic so unique is that DC has a roster of these badass women, none of which have super strength or flight or anything like that. It’s just of women who will punch you in your teeth.

But it’s not some generic ‘GIRL BOSS’ nonsense. All of these women have unique personalities that can stand in their own individual comics. Batgirl, Black Canary and Huntress are three of the most iconic women in DC comics outside of Wonder Woman and whatever female villain is trying to seduce Batman this month.

But much like the Suicide Squad movie, DC’s vision for a Birds of Prey movie doesn’t seem to care all that much about these characters outside of Harley Quinn. It’s also worth noting that Harley Quinn isn’t actually a member of the Birds of Prey in the comics and this movie should 10000% star Batgirl instead but again, that precious Margot Robbie contract.

So does Birds of Prey have any chance of being good?


For whatever reason, when some people choose to turn a comic book into a movie, they attempt to put their own personal spin on it as opposed to embracing the source material.

The biggest example of that is costume design. Why are these women dressed like depressed Cyndi Lauper’s?

Do any of these colorful costumes appear that trailer? The only colors in their costumes is the random trash hand-me-downs they dress Harley Quinn in. I recognize that Huntress’s new costume makes her look like a big ass sneaker but that leather purple coat is classic.

Before I continue shitting on this movie I haven’t seen based on a two-minute trailer, I should highlight how smart it is to start this off by killing the Joker. I’m sure he’ll be back because money but man, Jared Leto was awful and is awful in everything and dear Hollywood, stop casting Jared Leto.

Also a huge fan of Harley Quinn doing cocaine. You gotta get up to get down. It makes sense to not make this a corny kids heist movie like Ant-Man.

Put Rosie Perez in every movie.

That being said, this Birds of Prey movie still looks and feels like it was made by weirdos that think having tattoos equates to being interesting. People who treat Halloween as the most important day of the year.

The worst part is that I’m going to spend $20 and 2 hours hating this nonsense because I hate myself so much.




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