Is Nancy Pelosi an Idiot or a Coward?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has planted her flag on top of ‘Don’t Impeach’ mountain as evidence continues to pile up against Donald Trump and the amount of crimes that man is casually committing.

Recently, she’s warned Democrats not to go near impeachment and encouraged them to win the 2020 election by such a large margin that it can’t be disputed. She also warned people that Trump may not give up the presidency if he loses the race regardless.

In recent weeks Ms. Pelosi has told associates that she does not automatically trust the president to respect the results of any election short of an overwhelming defeat. That view, fed by Mr. Trump’s repeated and unsubstantiated claims of Democratic voter fraud, is one of the reasons she says it is imperative not to play into the president’s hands, especially on impeachment. (NYT)

What a stupid thought process to have. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want Democrats to ‘play into the president’s hands’ by impeaching him so instead they are going to leave him alone and let him continue to make life difficult for people that don’t look like him.

Now in her defense, there is a fear that it’s too close to the 2020 election to begin the impeachment process because Trump can use that as a chance to turn himself into a martyr and get his base to sprint to the booths in order to reelect their grand wizard.

That is both super understandable and the textbook definition of cowardice. If Democrats truly believed in the product they’re selling then they wouldn’t be afraid of Trump using impeachment as an election platform.

But instead, they’re looking at Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden and thinking to themselves ‘these elderly weirdos don’t stand a chance against Trump’.

But what’s most insane, and why we should question the intelligence of this woman, is that not wanting to impeach Trump while simultaneously being afraid that Trump won’t leave the presidency if he doesn’t win the election are two totally conflicting ideas.

If Trump is impeachable because of his abuse of power and you fear that he will continue to abuse his power and not give up that power, then impeachment should be top priority. One action would quite literally prevent the second action. Directly.

So is Nancy Pelosi an idiot or a coward?

The election is 18 months from now. You’re giving Trump 18 more months of power and potentially 4 additional years on top of that because it might rile up his base but you have the option to completely eradicate that threat by exercising your constitutional right to impeach him.

It’s as if Democrats are waiting for this perfect moment to strike, meanwhile. you have Lindsey Graham out here winking and clearly helping William Barr get through that Mueller hearing.

They are so terrified of public backlash from people who would backlash against them regardless of whatever they do so they are failing the people who continually vote and put their trust in them because they don’t want to piss off people who would never vote for them no matter what they do.


Instead of being proactive and taking advantage of this rare leverage they have to take control back and they are too dumb and afraid to pull it off.

BOOOO these people.

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