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Is Lana Del Rey Good?

Lana Del Rey’s new album, Lust For Life, has officially hit the streets and it’s debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard charts. Pop Bottles. Congrats to Lana. Lust For Life is standard Lana. Gloomy hypnotic sad girl vibes.

But is Lana Del Rey good?

I admit that I have pop culture holes. I can’t/won’t get into House of Cards and I’m not sure what makes Lana Del Rey so great, although I will also say that it’s very possible I’m not the target demographic for her sad girl music.

But for comparison’s sake, Lorde also makes sad girl music. Both she and Lana sing these anti-Hollywood/Hollywood admiration songs but you can listen to a Lorde album and know when one song ends and the next one begins. A Lana Del Rey album sounds like she didn’t even record her verses over music. She just went into a quiet booth and mumbled from her book of poetry and a producer added some melancholy chords after the fact.

You can’t deny that out of all the singers in the game today, no one is releasing ‘realer’ music. When she says ‘ I’m crying while I’m cummin’ on Feelings, it’s unique because you know Taylor Swift can never say that line. Miley Cyrus couldn’t say it without stinking her gross tongue out of her mouth and making it extremely disingenuous. Lana has cultivated her own territory. On Cherry, she sings ‘My cherries and wine, rosemary and thyme, and all of my peaches are ruined (bitch)’, which is a quintessential Lana line quoting Simon and Garfunkel and adding ‘bitch’ at the end.

I want to like Lana so badly. We obviously have the same taste in music. If I made an album I’d for sure call up Stevie Nicks and ASAP Rocky and ask them for a verse. But if a rapper made an album with all of the same depressing beats for 16 straight tracks he’d get roasted. Lyrically, Lana has more to say than most singers but you have to be listening to her on a cloudy day after a failed audition in order to fully embrace her.

Is Lana Del Rey good?

Yea, probably.



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