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Is Daniel Jones Good?

The Giants lost. Again. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers came to town and as much as the Giant’s defense showed major improvement against one of the best offenses in the sport, Daniel Jones went out there and made sure that New York would catch another L. He loves them so fucking much.

The No. 6 overall draft in 2019 to the surprise of literally everyone, Daniel Jones has 20 career starts and a 4-16 win-loss record. Fire. Super cool. The losing isn’t 1000% on the young man’s shoulders considering Giants GM, Dave Gettleman, has put together an awful offensive line and traded away Odell Beckham to replace him with MAGA Golden Tate. Golden Tate is averaging 32 receiving yards a game this season. That’s WR1, babyyyy.

But as much as I want to blame the terrible surrounding cast, it is impossible to ignore that Jones has 34 turnovers in his first 20 games which is the most since 2000. He’s the most turnover-prone quarterback of the last 20 years. Love it. More.

Daniel Jones has the most turnovers in the last two years just narrowly beating out Jameis Winston. Not great company. He has committed a turnover in 9 straight games and 20 out of his 21 career appearances. So uh yea, preferably that would not be the case for your franchise quarterback.

Naturally the conversation has gotten louder when it comes to the Giants using their 2021 first round draft pick and selecting another quarterback. If the season were to end today, they’d have the No. 2 pick and if you watch Justin Fields ball out every Saturday at Ohio State and you watch Daniel Jones flail around every Sunday, it’s easy to fall in love with the idea of replacing him.

But first and foremost…

Is Daniel Jones good?

It’s odd to me that Daniel Jones almost led a game-tying drive with less than two minutes to go and no timeouts that included a huge scramble for a first down and this perfect pass to Golden Tate with the only thing preventing the Giants from tying was an un-called pass interference on a 2-point conversation but the big takeaway everyone seems to have is that Jones is the reason they lost.

Look at this perfect pass. Golden Tate stinks and can’t get any separation from his defenders yet Jones still managed to throw a ball where only Golden’s bitch ass can get it. We’re not dealing with Nathan Peterman over here. DJ can ball.

This team needs so much more talent at literally every single position. It makes absolutely zero sense to waste the No. 2 pick on a quarterback (OR A FUCKING RUNNING BACK. Guys, are you seeing what Devonta Freeman and Wayne Gallman are doing out there? That Saquon Barkley pick might be the worst pick in NFL history).

You could either trade down and acquire more draft capital to fill more needs on this roster devoid of anything worth maintaining for next season. Or you can select the best lineman or whatever. But what on Earth do you think Justin Fields is going to do when the offensive line gives him .00001 seconds in the pocket and only has Evan Engram’s brick hands to throw to.

Also Tiki Barber said that Daniel Jones is the only reason why the Giants are losing. Just an important rule of thumb: you never want to be on the same side as Tiki Barber.

Bring back Daniel Jones next season. Put a line in front of him. Give him a receiver. Give him a defense that will set him up with good field position. Oh, and fire Dave Gettleman yesterday.





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