Is Alex Morgan An Asshole?

The USWNT advanced to the 2019 World Cup Finals in a 2-1 victory over England. Megan Rapinoe missed the game with a mysterious hamstring injury and her replacement, Christen Press, immediately scored in the 10th minute.

But the decisive goal came in the 31st minute with Alex Morgan scoring her 6th goal of the tournament on her 30th birthday and celebrated by pretending to sip tea right in England’s faces.

As someone who has enjoyed watching England play in this year’s tournament, it definitely stood out. I’m all for dunking on your opponents and hanging on the rim but it’s a bit of a strange move for International play.

There are all eyes on this women’s team, especially after they dominated Thailand in a 13-0 victory and celebrated every goal like they hit the mega millions jackpot so when you choose to celebrate a certain way, you’re doing so knowing that it’s going to get attention, for better or worse.

Here’s what a former English soccer player had to say about Morgan’s tea celebration:

Not sure if that opinion should be the common narrative but it’s certainly worth taking a step back and questioning whether or not Morgan is like, a dick.

Is Alex Morgan an asshole?

Alex Morgan has every reason to be a cocky asshole. She scored 5 goals against Thailand. She scored the game-winning goal against England to send America to the Finals. She’s about to win the Golden Boot at the 2019 World Cup.

Team USA is 62-0-10 when she scores a goal. The team has literally never lost a match when she hits the back of the net.

Then you see a tweet like this that’s modest and subtle and clever where the first thing she mentions is how good the team is and you realize that she’s just out there having fun and enjoying how well her team is playing.

The tea drinking wasn’t a malicious act against the British Empire. It wasn’t a declaration of war. It was a woman having fun. If you don’t want her drinking tea after she scores on you, don’t let her score on you.

sidenote: we reallyyy need to be careful when we attempt to curb women’s emotions and behaviors in a primarily male dominant world such as sports.

If Clint Dempsey hit a goal against England and pretended to drink tea afterward, there is a zero percent chance that David Beckham would talk about how ‘distasteful’ Dempsey was being.

These sportsmanship battles are determined on the field (pitch?). If the Lionesses had a problem with Morgan’s celebration than someone on the team would’ve dropped her on her ass and let her know. We don’t need to police their actions. They’ve got it covered.


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