Injuries Are Ruining The NBA Season Already

Well, this stinks. I was hyped for the NBA season. This was the most exciting offseason in NBA history and we should be riding that wave through the first week of the season and we can’t even enjoy it because Gordon Hayward’s leg exploded 5 minutes into the first game of the year.

The Boston Celtics were one of the biggest stories heading into the year and now they are just another regular ass team. Sure, there’s the Kyrie Irving storyline but he can’t lead a team on his own. He needs a star scorer on the wing and instead, he has like, Terry Rozier. Yikes.

Kawhi Leonard was my MVP prediction because the Spurs are going to win 60 games and Leonard is the only player on that team that’s good. Shout out LaMarcus Aldridge for scamming his way to a brand new contract even though he looked like Charles Barkley after the Monstars took his talent.

“There’s only one ball”, says every lame NBA writer who doesn’t realize that James Harden spent his entire career as an off guard and he could easily play with Chris Paul but now we can’t even see the Rockets dunk on NBA writers because Paul’s leg doesn’t work.

Derrick Rose was going to get hurt regardless because he is made entirely of paper mache so ya know, that doesn’t really matter.

Injuries are ruining the NBA season already.





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