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In His Best Joke of 2019, Louis CK Gave Sarma Melngailis STDs and Wrote a Hillarious Email To Her Explaining It

Seems like even disgraced comedian Louis C.K. fell under fraudster restaurateur Sarma Melngailis’ spell.

The chef emailed him on June 17 regarding a previous email outburst, stating that she was “upset and freaked out.”

Louis C.K. responded: “hey. I understand you’re upset. This kind of s–t is tough. I never swore that I was clean. I told you I may or may not have given this to you. I’m sorry if I did. If you gave it to me, it’s okay. We all share the current human bloodstream, which includes this kind of stuff. I should have worn a condom, you should have made me, we should have a lot of things. we are human,” he wrote.

“Our generation has this stuff. the next generation will all be inocculated and will have sex with electric glass penises and digital vaginas and they’ll get software viruses instead. It’s part of life.”

Later on he tells Melngailis that he accepts his responsibility “for our chemistry and exchange,” and wonders whether anyone is “clean” nowadays.

“I’ve been told the same thing, that there’s no good tests for guys and even that condoms don’t stop s–t. i don’t know. It’s a mess. I hope you’re okay. i think you will be. And I am sorry. …I still look back tenderly and happily on our time together. And that night. It was really wonderful, even though it never happened again and it seemed to be sort of a stopping point for us, unfortunately.”

(NY Post)

To back up a bit, Sarma Melngailis is famous for opening vegan restaurants and spending all of the investors millions of dollars at casinos and expensive hotels.

Oh, and she banged Louis CK, who may or may not have given her an infection which is a hilarious sentence to read back out loud to myself.

Louis CK is quietly making his return to stand up after making other female comedians watch him fap. His newest set was released a few weeks ago and it was um, not great.

But these emails he sent to Melngailis are the funniest things he’s written in years. “This kind of shit is tough” is a very heartwarming and caring thing to say to a woman who you ‘may or may not’ have given an STD to. It’s ‘tough’ indeed.

“I should have worn a condom. You should have made me”. Also an interesting move to blame her. Patrice O’Neal had a great bit that safe sex is the woman’s responsibility. You’re kind of biting his material, my guy.

“Our generation has this stuff”. Again, any reference to the infection as ‘shit’ and ‘stuff’ is a very mature and comforting way to handle this. Truly a man who takes things seriously and has a respect for the people he’s had sex with.

“I’ve been told the same thing, that there’s no good tests for guys and even that condoms don’t stop shit. I don’t know.” Yup, it’s not his fault. Blame the lack of good tests and these condoms that don’t prevent anything. I love the accountability that Louis CK has shown in the past 12 months. He deserves another Netflix special ASAP. He’s a great guy.

I should also add that if this story was just about Louis CK giving a random woman an STD, I 1000% wouldn’t have written about it. I don’t give a shit.

But the fact that the woman is someone who is famous for just being a hot scammer makes this hilarious to me. I wouldn’t be shocked if she gave the STD to him just to have him pay for her doctor’s visits for a while.

Sarma Melngailis: Scammer Hall of Famer.






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