It Is Impossible For the Golden State Warriors To Win the NBA Title Without Kevin Durant

It is being reported that Kevin Durant will be out for anywhere between 4-8 weeks which is the worst possible news for Golden State. There’s a very good chance that Kevin Durant won’t be back until around the second round of the playoffs.

The Warriors cannot win the NBA Championship without Kevin Durant.

As I write this, Golden State currently has a 3 game lead on the San Antonio Spurs which is a bigger deal than you may think. If the Warriors don’t have Durant then they desperately need the 1st seed. If you look at their potential match-ups, it’s a way easier climb into the Western Conference finals if they hang onto the 1 seed.

In the first round they’d mollywop the Denver Nuggets. It wouldn’t even be close. Whoever ends up with that 8th seed might as well forfeit now because they are getting swept like those brooms in Fantasia. Mad theatrical and shit.

The second round they’d end up against either the Los Angeles Clippers or the Utah Jazz. The Warriors have absolutely embarrassed the Clippers this season and have for years now. I think the Jazz are definitely a sleeper team but they do not have enough fire power to defeat Golden State.

Their real struggle would be in the finals against San Antonio or Houston but by that time not only would Kevin Durant be back but the rust will be off and all of a sudden their team would be at full strength. As it was written.

However, if they slip to the 2 seed, they’re looking at a first round match-up against either Memphis or Oklahoma City which is not the same automatic win as it is with Denver. Although I think they can still beat either of those two teams without Durant, those series’ could easily go 6 or 7 games. Memphis and OKC are going to beat the shit out Golden State whether they win or not.

In the next round they’d come face to face with either Houston or San Antonio, depending on which teams end up with the 3 seed. That is an absolutely BRUTAL second round series to try to incorporate Durant into after being out for so long.

Quick peak behind the curtain, I think Houston is going to beat Golden State and I thought that before the Kevin Durant injury. Yes, the Warriors have 3 of the greatest shooters ever but Houston has like, 9 guys who are all more than capable of leading a team in 3-pointers made but they all happen to be on the same team.

Matt Barnes is not the answer.

The Golden State Warriors cannot win an NBA Title without Kevin Durant.



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