I Have To Make Fun of Josh Donaldson’s IG With His Lame Girlfriend and Stupid Dog


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Do I follow Josh Donaldson on Instagram just so I can shit on all of his photos? Yea, no shit. My entire goal in life is to bring Josh Donaldson’s self esteem down to where it’s supposed to be. The ground.

I hate Donaldson and I’ve made that very clear. Now I really hate him because that poor dog has the worst owner of all time. That little pup is stuck in a shitty home with the lamest man on the planet and his probably super annoying girlfriend. I mean, I have no idea who that woman is but if she’s spending her free time with Josh Donaldson then I know she’s a dumb broad.

I wonder at what point my hate for this man crosses a line? I think I just called his girlfriend a dumb broad. At this point I need to double down and make fun of his bitch ass puppy.

Fuck Josh Donaldson.



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