I Can’t Stop Watching This Video of January Jones Playing With January Jones Dolls

January Jones is uh, hm, an interesting breed of cat. Her Instagram is just a fascinating display of what it would look like it 13 going on 30 was a real-life documentary and a little girl woke up in the body of a cute middle-aged woman.

Her feed is mostly her like, wearing nice dresses and swimsuits showing off her very medium-sized chest but in the mind of a little girl waking up as an adult she thinks she has the biggest tits on Earth. But again, it’s a little girl so it’s all very wholesome and asexual.

Which brings us to her doll collection.

January Jones starred in Mad Men, one of the greatest shows ever made, where she was Don Draper’s neglected wife. She stayed home and argued with her children while Don was sleeping with any woman that made eye contact. Interesting that Betty Draper needed a child psychologist because she was so emotionally stunted and the actual January Jones should also maybe perhaps uh, do a similar thing.

She also appeared in X-Men: First Class as Emma Frost in a role that I would describe kindly as ‘unnecessary’. A lot of people think First Class is a good movie. A lot of people also voted for Donald Trump. People are dumb and their opinions are bad.

But let’s see what happens when Betty Draper and Emma Frost do battle.


I’ve watched this 17 31 times. Like, I know she’s in on the joke of how silly and juvenile and fun this is but also like, *whispers* is she in on the joke? Does anyone know if January is okay? Are people checking up on her? Seems we’ve gone full quarantine brain here.

I hope January like, finds work soon. Not sure what projects she’s working onif she is at allbut Pray For January.




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