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How Many Games Should Eli Manning Start This Season?

Since winning the Super Bowl in 2011, Eli Manning has led the Giants to only two winning seasons in 7 years. In his last two seasons, Manning has gone 8-23 (the Giants sat him once for Geno Smith. They proceeded to lose that game as well).

The Giants faced an opportunity to start fresh. They could’ve saved money and cut Eli but instead opted to pay him a random ass roster bonus that he did not deserve.

The team even drafted a quarterback with the No. 6 pick. It was the worst quarterback on the board but still, a fresh start. Yet Eli Manning remains the QB1 on the depth chart.

Meanwhile, that quarterback that had no business going No. 6 is out here doing things like this:

Here’s a quick look at Eli lollipopping easy simply routine out routes:

Eli Manning not only refuses to throw the ball downfield in a league where quarterbacks who chuck it are thriving, but he seems to not even have the arm strength to push the ball 10 yards away.

As much as Eli’s arm probably always sucked with every ball leaving his hands wobbling in a million different directions, at least he was launching that shit down the field. Sure, it typically landed in Darren Sharper’s hands but he tried.

If you remove the gunslinger out of Eli, then you just have a coward who checks down to the running back for 2 yards instead of feeding a wide open Odell Beckham 20 yards away.

So how many games should Eli Manning start?

Here’s a quick little report from the first day of 11-on-11 practice:

Obviously a very small sample size if you ignore the two decades of prior Eli evidence. 0-for-3 with an interception. Yikes. Is this your king, Gettleman??

So how many games should Eli start? Eli Manning shouldn’t be on an NFL roster right now.

Daniel Jones is a bad quarterback but at least he can scramble and get positive yardage while Eli drops to BOTH knees when a pass rusher gets in his line of vision.

Fuck it, Alex Tanney SZN.

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