How Bad Must Christian Hackenberg Be?

Sooo the New York Jets season has been ‘disappointing’ to say the least. They are currently 4-10 after being dominated by the Miami Dolphins this past weekend and honestly, I have no recollection of them winning 4 games. Had no idea they played the Cleveland Browns four times.

After basically waiting the entire offseason to resign Ryan Fitzpatrick, it turns out his career year last year was a fluke and that he has an arm made of garbage. Every time the ball leaves his hands I assume it’s going to end up in the hands of the opposition.

Geno Smith is a bum. You can’t get KOed by some 5th string linebacker in the preseason and expect to lead the team to a 4th quarter comeback. No worries though because he played like, 9 minutes this season and immediately tore his ACL. Body made of paper machete.

Bryce Petty finally gets his shot against the Dolphins and gets flattened like a Looney Tune. He literally went 2 dimensional for a split second he was hit so hard. Oh, he also happens to suck at quarterback as well which is clearly the trend here.

After everything I just said, all of the atrocities at QB, Christian Hackenberg has still yet to even dress for a game. The man doesn’t even put pads on. Part of me thinks he doesn’t even have a helmet. Seriously, I looked up a photo of him for this article and I couldn’t find a single one of him wearing a Jets jersey.

With Fitzpatrick being a turnover machine. Geno being injury prone, Petty getting swallowed by defenders, Hackenberg hasn’t been mentioned once. How bad must Christian Hackenberg be if he can’t get playing time over these trash bags?




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