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How Awful Is Kyrie Ivring’s ‘Uncle Drew’ Movie Going To Be?

Who asked for this movie to be made? When this movie was first reported to be in production, I thought it was a joke to sell more Sprite or some shit but nope. Studio executives actually gave this movie a green light.

I reckon it’s pretty selfish of me to expect every movie to be created in hopes of winning an Oscar but at the same time, I don’t feel bad shitting on a movie that is based on a commercial that didn’t really matter.

This is the equivalent of the giving the Geico Insurance Cavemen a show on TV. Oh wait, they actually made that show on ABC and it was the worst thing ever. Clearly, Hollywood learned that lesson and decided that commercials can’t be made in weekly television programs. But movies? Yup, run with this Uncle Drew thing.

It’s 2017 and good sports movies don’t exist anymore. What a time to be alive. Shaquille O’Neal returning to the big screen, where he doesn’t belong.



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