High School Assistant Principal Caught Banging Teenage Little Boy

A fired Lexington County high school administrator is charged with sexual battery of a student after turning herself in to Columbia police Saturday morning.

Former Airport High School assistant principal Dawn Diimmler was fired by the Lexington 2 school board Feb. 12.

Diimmler, 44, is accused of having sexual intercourse at the school with a 19-year-old Airport student over whom she had direct supervision, officials said Saturday.

She’s accused of having sex with the student twice at the school during their three-month relationship in 2017, according to city of Cayce spokeswoman Ashley Hunter. Airport High School is located in Cayce.



Before we talk about Dawn Diimmler getting her groove back, I need to understand what ‘Airport High School’ is. At first glance, it sounds like a school for young pilots to get their wings. But I realize(d) how dumb that sounds.

But I guess this school is called ‘Airport’ High School, named after one of our finest forms of transportation, of course. Shockingly, students and teachers are out of control over at ‘AIRPORT HIGH SCHOOL’.

What makes this situation different from the usual creepy teachers banging students is that they are often women in their early 20’s who are in a way, still banging people within the same generation as them.

Tough to get mad at a chick who just graduated college who decides to sleep with a guy who was probably a freshman when she was a senior at the very same high school that she’s now teaching at.

Dawn Diimmler, however, is a 44-year-old vice principal out here blowing teenage students at Airport High School. I don’t think I was ever in the same room as the vice principals when I was in high school and I especially didn’t have any of them sitting on my face.

What is going on over at Airport High School?!





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