Here’s Why The Jacksonville Jaguars Should Never Pay Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey is set to make around $3 million this season which would slot him as the 29th highest paid cornerback in the NFL.

He is entering the fourth year of his rookie contract and could continue to be vastly underpaid for at least another 3 years if the Jags pick up his 5th year option and then franchise tag him the year after that.

Ramsey is one of the most outspoken players in the league as he came out last season shitting on every quarterback in the league. Calling Buffalo Bills rookie ‘trash’ before he even throws an NFL pass is the type of move that’ll get you a job here at Deadseriousness but in the NFL world, it’s against the rules.

In the NFL, you are not allowed to have a personality or opinions or unique thoughts. It’s all about the shield and your teammates and the flag and the troops and making the least amount of money you can.

Now the 2-time Pro Bowler and 2017 All-Pro cornerback is entering training camp in an armored truck letting the world know it’s time for payday.

But the Jacksonville Jaguars should never give him a new contract.

The NFL is boring as hell. Most players don’t have personalities and when they do show their personalities, it’s usually in the form of beating the shit out of a man, woman or child.

Rarely do we just have guys out there that are genuinely funny shit talkers. Here’s Jalen Ramsey after locking up Steve Smith:

Look at the sass. The zest. The flare. “You tell me *shoulder shimmy* you tell me”.

Did you just see him show up to mini camp in the back of an armored truck with a hype man accompanying him shouting in a megaphone?? We deserve this content.

The second Jalen Ramsey is paid and happy, we no longer get all of the flare and the dramatics. No one wants Ramsey quiet.

I should quickly point out that everyone should go out of their way to secure the bag at all costs. This isn’t some anti-player rant. This is me selfishly saying that the world is a better place when Jalen Ramsey is upset and has a microphone in his face.

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