Here’s Why Ryan Fitzpatrick Losing on Monday Night Football is the Best Thing To Happen to the NFL

On Monday night, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost 27-30 to the Pittsburgh Steelers in a game of two halves, which is a lame football expression that I wish I didn’t just use but I’m not about to backspace anything. It’s out there now.

Ryan Fitzpatrick had some of the worst interceptions I’ve ever seen as he rocketed footballs to Steelers that were literally standing alone minding their own business until all of a sudden Fitzpatrick was firing balls into their chests.

He also overestimated his athleticism a few times and took some sacks that were avoidable. As someone actively rooting for Fitzmagic, the first half of this game was rough to watch. You know ya boy is having a bad night when #Fitztragic is trending on Twitter.

Fitzpatrick ended the game with 411 yards, 3 touchdowns and 3 interceptions because of course he did. All he does is throw for 400 yards. He won’t even put his pads on before the game unless he knows he’s putting up 400 hundo and trio of TDs. Light work.

But this game was the perfect indication that the blowout wins are over for this team and the Buccaneers will probably give Fitzpatrick one more start before they bring back Jameis Winston. Technically, Winston returns from suspension this week and can play on Sunday.

All they need to do is give Fitzpatrick one more start and we are 1000% going to see the Fitzpatrick that showed up in the first half of this game where he not only threw 3 interceptions but threw them all back-to-back-to-back. He looked like the backup QB that he’s been forever.

But here’s why Ryan Fitzpatrick’s failure is good for the NFL:

Jameis Winston will be the Bucs starting quarterback come Week 5 which means Tampa Bay will have this asset sitting on their bench wasting away. There’s a franchise out west that could use a savior to come rise from the ashes of a torn ACL.

Just when you thought the San Francisco 49ers season is over, what if they pulled the trigger and brought in the gawd, Fitzpatrick? He is currently on a 1-year, $3 million deal so he’s affordable and the perfect temporary player to carry the team until Jimmy G returns next season.

Kyle Shannahan is one of the best offensive minds in football and might be No. 2 behind Sean McVay in Los Angeles. Shannahan is the reason Matt Ryan won his MVP award. Combine one of the best offensive minds with Ryan Fitzpatrick’s gigantic Harvard brain and you can pretty much pencil in San Fran for the Super Bowl.

Fitzpatrick played juuuust bad enough on Monday night to make Tampa Bay move on while still putting up MVP numbers. The 49ers should trade for him so he can combine his powers with Kyle Shannahan.

Do you like 400-yard passing games? Then you are going to looooove Fitzpatrick’s 600-yard games in that sexy 49ers jersey. Sure, Fitzpatrick is going to lead the league in interceptions but my god, this team will score infinity points.

Can’t wait.




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