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Here’s The ONE Thing That Proves Tom Thibodeau is Going To Be The Best Knicks Coach In Years

Tom Thibodeau is the new head coach of the New York Knicks and that comes with a lot of baggage. In Chicago, he ran his players to the ground cutting careers short, blowing out knees and literally almost killing Luol Deng.

In Minnesota, his teams took the least amount of 3’s in a current NBA era where the best teams in the league are breaking 3-point attempt records so his coaching strategy is aging like milk. He also let Jimmy Butler bully the team and he couldn’t figure out how to get Andrew Wiggins to uh, do anything which is scary when you see how Kevin Knox can just vanish on the court much like Wiggins does.

But when you look back at the recent head coaches for this organization there is a huge difference that separates Thibs from the rest of the pack: horniness.

Every single time David Fizdale was seen off a basketball court, he was seen all over his wife. Always grabbing a thigh. First of all, swag. But personally, I want my head coach more focused on basketball and less focused on his hot wife.

Before I go any further, it’s important for me to state that I am not blaming women for distracting men in their careers. This is not me calling women sirens or anything. Shout out to Davey Fizdale for tricking that woman into falling for his Milhouse looking ass. I don’t blame her for Fizdale being a terrible coach. I blame him for being so horny for her.

Remember when Kurt Rambis was just out here liking porn on Twitter? My guy saw some gif of a random Asian girl beating off and was like “Ooo, I’ll save this one for later”. He had a 32% win percentage as the Knicks coach. Just way too horny to coach pick n roll defense.

Which brings me to Derek Fisher, the horniest of them all. Coach Fisher gave zero shits about the Knicks. All Derek Fisher wanted to do was bang Matt Barnes’s wife. It was his no. 1 priority as well as priorities 2 through 10. Bang Barnes’s estranged wife, steal checks from the Knicks, repeat.

Fisher was so horny that Matt Barnes had to drive 100 straight miles to beat his ass. I cannot believe Fisher was able to keep his job after that story broke. In what reality did the Knicks stand any chance of success when their head coach was so focused on ejaculating inside of an active NBA player’s wife.

Enter Tom Thibodeau.

Very early on in Tommy’s career, he was engaged with his beautiful future bride. It lasted only two months before he called it off because he was too focused on basketball. For the first time in a long time, the Knicks have finally hired a coach who has put basketball ahead of cumming. Thibs has literally turned down sex and abstained from LOVE so that he can fully immerse himself into this sport.

The New York Knicks hired the right man for the job. Incels win championships.


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