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Here is the Secret Benefit of the New York Yankees Losing The ALDS

The New York Yankees lost to the best team in baseball. It stinks that it happened to be the Boston Red Sox but at the end of the day, Boston had the best record in the regular season by far and was just a better team.

It happens.

I’m not excusing the Yankees for losing. Aaron Boone forgot he was the manager of the team and watched Luis Severino throw beach balls over and over again and give up six straight singles and then load the bases in the top of the 4th before Boone finally was like ‘oh shit, I’M the one that has to go take him out of the game’.

You also have a roster that beat the all-time team home run record in the regular season and then proceeded to hit zero home runs in the final two playoff games at Yankee Stadium, a ballpark designed for home runs. I’m sick. Let’s move on.

But there is a secret benefit to losing in the first round of the playoffs in a pretty embarrassing fashion.

Brian Cashman is about to drop bags left and right.

The Yankees tried being cute and saving money the last two seasons and got under the luxury tax. They had the best farm system and kept a majority of the prospects instead of trading them away for proven commodities.

That’s over. Cashman is about to fill every position with stars and their backups are going to be stars. The Houston Astros did everything they could to acquire Justin Verlander and Geritt Cole. The Yankees acquired Sonny Gray and Lance Lynn. Nah b. That’s how you lose.

Say goodbye to your favorite prospects. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you, Clint Frazier. Take those concussions to San Francisco and bring Justus Sheffield with you. I’ll take Madison Bumgarner every single day.

Next season’s roster will be stuffed with Manny Machado and Bryce Harper, as it was written. This is destiny. I love CC Sabathia. You know what else I love? Winning baseball games. Luis Severino, Masahiro Tanaka and Zach Greinke are a scary rotation.

I also wouldn’t mind if some coaches lost their jobs from this too. Aaron Boone is wildly conservative and reminds me of Jason Garrett on the Cowboys sideline just clapping and smiling no matter how well or awful his team plays. It’s not a great look for your only response to losses being ‘there’s always tomorrow’.

How about the hitting coach that saw Greg Bird and Gary Sanchez bat below .200 all year and helped them make zero adjustments. Giancarlo Stanton walked in and was like ‘yea, I hit 60 homers last season but I’m going to just go ahead and change my entire batting stance for no reason’ and the hitting coach was like ‘yes sir’.

Give me star players making hundreds of millions of dollars. I want an all-star at every position. This whole losing to Houston and Boston thing ends next season.

Brian Cashman, time to write those checks.




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