Here is the One Massive Mistake That Le’Veon Bell Made Sitting Out The 2018 Season

What Happened?


The deadline for Le’Veon Bell to report to the Pittsburgh Steelers to sign his franchise tag has come and gone which means Bell is ineligible to play in the 2018 NFL season for Pittsburgh or any team. Bell has decided to rest his body and avoid the chance of a potential career-shortening injury as he prepares to get a long-term contract this upcoming offseason.

Many people are viewing this as one of the first times in NFL history that a holdout has actually worked. Le’Veon had to sacrifice a lot but he found a loophole in the rules and exploited it.

Teams can place the franchise tag on a player two years in a row before they either have to give their player a long-term deal or let them enter free agency.

The franchise tag was created to give teams another year or two to decide whether a not a star player is worth the long-term investment like if a player has been injured and the team hasn’t seen their full potential yet but instead, it’s used to keep star players like Le’Veon Bell hostage with no option to test their value in the free market.

But did Le’Veon Bell make a mistake sitting out?

Le’Veon Bell forfeited $14.5 million by not signing the franchise tag. Earlier this season, I was 100% on his side. People were screaming at him for giving up 6 figure game checks for a bigger payday down the road and it’s for sure not our place to put a monetary value on this man’s physical health.

But now that we’ve reached the deadline and he’s officially out for the year, passing up on $14 million this season looks like a massive mistake.

For one, James Conner is putting up numbers this year that are greater than or equal to what Le’Veon Bell did the season before. James Conner has 771 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns.

*whispers* Le’Veon Bell has never rushed for 10 yards in a season. Ever. And it’s only week 11.

So this either means that James Conner is an absolute beast or that Le’Veon is completely replaceable and his success is the result of the Pittsburgh Steelers offense. He’s a plug and play guy and any running back can do what he does in Pittsburgh.

Nooooot great for his free agency when your replacement does your job better than you did.

Bell gave up $14 million because he wanted more years on his contract and wanted more than $14 million. It is in no way guaranteed that Bell will get more than $14 million now. Yes, he has a year off of being hit and tackled and scratched which is great for his body but regardless of the sport, it is a huge risk to throw massive cash at a guy who hasn’t played.

Teams like the Colts and the Jets need a running back and as much as I’m playing devil’s advocate here, Le’Veon can RUN. He was the best running back in the NFL last season[1. please don’t tell Todd Gurley I said that.] and teams would be foolish to not consider him.

As a Giants fan watching Saquon Barkley dominate, I am in full ‘fuck it’ mode. Bring in Le’Veon Bell. Give me all the best running backs.

But by passing up $14 million in hopes of getting more than $14 million, it’s extremely possible that he screwed himself over and will be making less than $14 million next season. Yikes.




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