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Here is the Memo Steve Harvey Sent His Employees Telling Them Not To Speak To Him

Steve Harvey is no longer playing around with us little people. I’ve never liked this man more than I do now after reading him demand privacy. There is nothing I love more than a power trip. This is some insane Vince McMahon shit.

The best part this memo is that you know it’s a reaction to someone walking in on him doing some weird and/or illegal nonsense in his dressing room.

Yesterday I wrote about Bill O’Reilly getting caught with his pants around his ankles while having phone sex so his reaction was to drag his exwife down the stairs.1 Steve Harvey must’ve saw that story and wants to avoid that incident.

I’ve never watched a second of his day time talk show but I think season 5 2 is going to be must-watch. He is coming onto the set with complete focus now that his staff isn’t allowed to like make eye contact with him.

It’s Steve Harvey’s world and we’re all just lucky to live in it.



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  1. pants still around his ankles
  2. HOW does this show I’ve never heard of have 5 seasons

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