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Here Are 29 Quick Thoughts About Frank Ntilikina Starting Over Kevin Knox in the New York Knicks Season Opener


Soo, I am having a guttural reaction to this news. I cannot create paragraphs right now. Instead, here are just a list of my immediate thoughts at random. My brain is leaking out of my nose as I write this.



  1. Kevin Knox ‘earned’ his spot in the starting rotation when the Knicks drafted him in the first round.
  2. Saying that Knox hasn’t ‘earned’ his spot is implying that he hasn’t worked hard during training camp which I find impossible to believe.
  3. Kevin Knox is the best player on the team right now.
  4. In order to develop players, they have to play.
  5. Taking minutes from Knox does nothing for his development.
  6. How has Tim Hardaway Jr. ‘earned’ his starting spot?
  7. Hardaway Jr. is in the lineup because he’s the highest paid player not because he ‘earned’ anything.
  8. And since that is the case, you might as well play Knox because he is a lottery pick.
  9. Frank Ntilikina grew nearly 2 inches in the offseason but that doesn’t make him a small forward.
  10. I have no problem with him playing small forward though. It just shouldn’t in spite of Kevin Knox.
  11. Positionless basketball is great but maybe let’s find out if Ntilikina can actually run an offense at point guard before we explore his versatility.
  12. Trey Burke is technically a ‘young’ player but we all know he is not in the Knicks future plans.
  13. Burke should be coming off the bench and scoring in bunches like Jamal Crawford or Lou Williams.
  14. Ntilikina should be the starting point guard over Trey Burke.
  15. We know what Trey Burke can and cannot do at this point. Honestly, I’d rather see if Emmanuel Mudiay can ball or not.
  16. The point I’m making is, Trey Burke does nothing to help determine wins or losses and he doesn’t help with player development.
  17. Trey Burke is Jarret Jack with a jumper and 2003 Darius Miles braids.
  18. The Knicks will most likely be searching for a point guard next summer and Frank Ntilikina is a potential trade chip but he’s far more valuable as a point guard.
  19. Trey Burke will not be the starting point guard for the Knicks at the beginning of the 2019-20 season
  20. He probably won’t be a starting point guard ever again.
  21. But the REAL problem with the lineup is Kevin Knox sitting on the bench while 30-year old Lance Thomas is the starting power forward.
  22. If you want to play positionless basketball, start Knox at the 4 and move Lance Thomas to work the concession stands.
  23. Speaking of older players taking minutes, get Lance Thomas ouuuut of here.
  24. I want to see Frank, Ron Baker, Mario Hezonja and Kevin Knox.
  25. Lance Thomas busted his ass for this team over the years and I thank him.
  26. Tim to shoot Lance Thomas into the sun like we did with Joakim Noah.
  27. Oh, and he can take Courtney Lee with him.
  28. Also play Mitchell Robinson 48 minutes and turn Enes Kanter into the team mascot.
  29. Lester 4 President.


That is all.





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