Guy Looking For Weed Accidentally Texts Cop Asking For Weed

29-year-old William Lamberson was jonesing for that sweet, sweet kush when he decided to text his connect for that good good. He just so happened to accidentally text the narcotics captain, which is, like, super not good.

The text read: “Wanna smoke so bad u have any green.”

Bergen played along and the two had a back and forth conversation through text messages. The man apparently misdialed and mistakenly thought Bergen was a pot-smoking acquaintance he met at a 7-Eleven.

The conversation evolved into the man, later identified as 29-year-old William Lamberson of Port St. Lucie, offering to sell him cocaine.

They agreed to meet up at a pool hall in Jensen Beach. Instead of meeting up with an old friend, Lamberson came face to face with narcotics detectives.

According to Bergen, Lamberson was perplexed and asked deputies where his buddy was.

“Not all drug dealers are the smartest people in the world, so we’ve had some pretty entertaining drug busts where it was too good to be true,” Bergen said.

Well, this is awkward. Props to this cop for filling his quota without even leaving his couch. It’s, like, super not cool being a cop right now, so any work you can do from home is good.


Side note: I didn’t write much about this because it’s so clearly a fake story. No one accidentally texts a fucking cop. No one even texts cops on purpose.


Edited by Morgan Mandriota.


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