Greg Bird is Returning To Carry The New York Yankees To The World Series

The New York Yankees are currently sitting 4.5 games behind the Boston Red Sox for control of the AL East. The ancient shaman who granted Aaron Judge his historic first half of the season has gone missing and Judge is struggling. The bullpen is in disarray after Aroldis Chapman forgot how to pitch.

The Yankees need a jolt of energy to surge past the Bosox and that jolt of energy is en route this weekend in the form of the GAWD, Greg Bird. Throwing that powerful lefty bat in the middle of the order is going to devastate opposing pitchers for the remainder of the season.

Sure, on paper Bird isn’t the sexiest player right now. Before being injured on May 2nd, Bird was hitting a less than stellar .100 with 1 home run and 3 RBIs in 19 games. Nothing to write home about.

But that’s not the real Greg Bird. That’s a man who is injured and in his head about it. Now, my man has finally gotten the proper surgery he’s needed to fix his ankle and he’s feeling better than ever. Out of every young prospect on the Yankees 40-man roster right now, Bird will have the best career. Aaron Judge will become a power hitter who bats like .220 and hits 40 bombs. Gary Sanchez will get hot once every so often but Bird will be the most consistent player.

And that all starts this weekend. It’s Bird’s world and we’re all just lucky enough to live in it.





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