The Gilmore Girls Trailer is Here So Time To Pretend To Be Excited

Wow that trailer was so…long. That looked really not interesting at all. How did I watch this show after school every day? This is literally the show about nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m #TeamGilmoreGirls and I’m probably going to watch this entire series over the course of one super lame weekend but is this what TV used to be like? I forget there was an era of time where these shows were on the air. Pre-Breaking Bad cable television was mind numbingly boring.

Gilmore Girls ended in 2007. I feel like this new show is taking place in 2008 and it looks weird. Also, their kitchen looks like a set from a shitty Kevin James sitcom. What is going on here? I will say, I’m glad they didn’t turn the focus to Melissa McCarthy’s character now that she’s far and away the most successful actor from the show.

Again, I will watch the shit out of this but only because my nostalgia meter is running low and the only thing that can fill that void is Lorelai and Rory back at it again. Soo yea, I kind of can’t wait.


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