Geno Auriemma Doesn’t Like That He Can’t Bully His Players Anymore

Here’s the UConn coach on a teleconference yesterday ahead of the Huskies’ 20th Final Four appearance:

The majority of coaches in America are afraid of their players. The NCAA, the athletic directors and society has made them afraid of their players. Every article you read: ‘This guy’s a bully. This woman’s a bully. This guy went over the line. This woman was inappropriate.’

Yet the players get off scot-free in everything. They can do whatever they want. They don’t like something you say to them, they transfer. Coaches, they have to coach with one hand behind their back. Why? Because some people have abused the role of a coach. (Source)

Oh no. Geno Auriemma misses the good ol days when you can berate and humilate the girls you’re coaching. Now, there’s so many cameras and social media so Geno has to beat his players in private. Shit sucks.

This is all coming off the heels of Tom Izzo yelling at a Freshman on his team during the first round of the NCAA March Madness tournament. Izzo needed to restrained from hitting that kid. It was awkward as hell and totally unnecsary.

For some reason, that moment has been used as an opportunity for everyone and their mothers to jump off the top rope with their garbage ‘BACK IN MY DAY’ takes.

Yes, 20 years ago head coaches used to be able to shout in their players’ faces and throw chairs and we were all like ‘wow, what a passionate coach. Turning our sons and daughters into accountable and well-behaved young adults. Thank you, coach, for screaming at my child and embarrassing them in front of the entire student body’.

In 2019, it turns out that perhaps that’s not the best way to communicate with a teenager. It’s almost as if you can treat every person like a human being.

What is Geno Auriemma even saying when he says ‘the players get off scot-free’? Uh, what? Geno is really upset that these players have control over their own athletic career.

Yes, kids can transfer now if they’re unhappy. Sorry, you can’t break a kid down like you used to when they had to just stay there and take it.

You have to coach with one hand tied behind your back? Uh…were you using that hand to hit these players? Just teach them how to play basketball and draw up plays, my guy. Players don’t need to be afraid of you to want to play for you.

I hate giving Coach K any credit but he is the best at screaming his face off at players in practice and never getting caught raising his voice on gameday. He DESTROYS his players.

I’ll never forget seeing a clip of Coach K shouting ‘shut the fuck up’ in Kyrie Irving’s face during Team USA practice. Whoever released that footage is dead, one would assume.

Sorry, Geno. You can’t beat the 19 year old girls you coach. Sorry that these players now have agency over their basketball careers and aren’t your hostages anymore. Life must be sooooo hard for you. How can you coach without bloody knuckles?! Fucking snowflakes.

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