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Former WWF Superstar Marty Jannetty Jumps On Facebook To Ask If It’s Cool If He Bangs His Hot Daughter

Yikes. I reread that Facebook post no less than 50 times just trying to wrap my brain around those words. “From a guys side ..SHE’S HOT”. You have to applaud him for proving all sides on the argument here in order for his Facebook friends to weigh in. On one side, she’s HOT. On the other side, she is technically his daughter. What a conundrum.

You really have to respect Marty Jannetty for going out there and doing some social polling. It’d be a real faux pas if he humped his daughter without telling all of his friends and family first. This is gentleman move for sure.

Remember when he and Shawn Michaels were a tag team and then Shawn Michaels went on to become one of the biggest wrestlers in WWF history and Jannetty went on to find out that he had a long lost daughter that he tried his hardest not to sleep with? Yea, I guess they both had pretty good careers.

I’d like to think these lovebirds are incesting right now as you read this. How cute.




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