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Former New York Giants Kicker Jay Feely Posts Extremely Stupid Photo Of Him Holding Up a Gun At His Daughter’s Prom Date

What fucking year is this?

Yes, Jay Feely is joking here and I’m sure he had no cruel intentions here but like, this is the least funny joke of all time that all dads across the country need to retire this one forever. Scaring the daughter’s prom date with a gun. Laugh out loud. Comedy.

Now, I don’t think this is a big deal at all. Feely issued an apology which seemed mega unnecessary.

The fact that the gun wasn’t even loaded makes this even dumber. If you’re going to be an asshole, do it correctly. Come right or don’t come. This is why NFL players don’t respect kickers. They have the worst sense of humor on the team.

I reallyyyy hope Feely’s daughter and her boyfriend humped the second the got into that limousine. Jay was probably texting his daughter ‘be safe’ while her boyfriend was banging her without a condom.

Should’ve loaded that gun, Jay.





Sidenote: Yoooo, if his daughter’s boyfriend was black, the internet would rip open and swallow Jay Feely alive. Fortunately, Jay made it very clear to his daughter that that was not an option.





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