#FireKlinsmann Sign Flies Over Stadium During the USA vs. Guatemala Game

I’m not going to sit here and pretend to be a soccer head but I don’t need to know a lot about soccer to know that people hate Jurgen Klinsmann. In fact, I don’t need to know anything about soccer to know that people hate Jurgen Klinsmann. I could just look up at the sky at the planes demanding that he loses his job.

Imagine going to work and looking up and seeing a plane with a sign saying you should be fired? That’s when you leave for your hour lunch break and never come back. Just go for a drive. Your coworkers call. Your family calls. All you see in your head is that sign flying through the sky.

How do you respect a coach that is universally hated? Every coach I’ve had were popular guys but they sucked at coaching. I can’t imagine playing for a guy who is both unpopular AND sucks at coaching. That would probably inspire me to pay for a sign that says to fire the man.


As I write this USA is destroying Guatemala sooo none of this matters.



Thanks for reading. Tweet to @TheLesterLee if you are a Jurgen Klinsmann supporter. I need perspective.

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