jonwayne rap album two

Fire Emoji or Poop Emoji: Jonwayne’s ‘Rap Album Two’

Jonwayne is a underground rapper from California and I know because he always raps about being an underground rapper from California. He is a gigantic man with a heavy voice that you can’t not listen to.

Jonwayne Rap Album Two is basically a shrine to his alcoholism and refusal to become mainstream. The entire album is a guilt trip about his inability to handle beer. He missed the birth of his nephew and he’s genuinely sad.

He also mentions that he could add a hook to one of his songs and it’d be a hit but he chooses not to. I don’t necessarily weep for this man. Now that I’ve talked all that shit, Jonwayne can rap his ass off. It’s impossible not to nod your head when you listen to this album.

If you listen to any song on this album, strap in for the 8-minute long track ‘Afraid of Us’ featuring the homie Zeroh. Stop reading this and listen to that asap. Now. Go.




Best Track: Human Condition

Worst Track: Rainbow




Final Verdict: Fire Emoji




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