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Finesse God, Kliff Kingsbury, Continues To Fail Upwards As He Steals The Arizona Cardinals Head Coaching Job

*whispers* scaaaaaaammerrrrr.

Kliff Kingsbury is the 2019 Scammer of the Year after being fired from Texas Tech, landing an Offensive Coordinator job at USC that would have 1000% restored his credibility as an offensive genius, only to quit that job two weeks later and finesse his way into becoming the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

My god. A king. A god damn king.

Kliff Kingsbury was 5-7 at Texas Tech last season. He deserved to be fired. He is a magnificient offensive coordinator that helped Johnny Manziel win the Heisman but being a coordinator in charge of the offense and being the head coach in charge of every aspect of the entire team are two wildly different responsiblilies.

I will never forget when Ben McAdoo went from the offensive coordinator of the New York Giants to the head coach and attempted to transform himself into a completely different human.

He started greasing his hair back and wearing sunglasses on cloudy days. My man attempted to come out of the machine that turned Steve Urkel into Stefan except we all saw him sneak into the machine oh, and that shit didn’t work.

As a head coach at Texas Tech, he had Patrick Mahomes who is about to win the NFL MVP Award this season, and the best record he had with him was an 8-5 finish.

Lol at Arizona.

I will say in their defense, out of all the rookie quarterbacks to play last season, Josh Rosen looked the most lost. Even Nick Mullins, an undrafted rookie playing for the injury ravished San Francisco 49ers, had a substantially better year.

In the off chance that Kingsbury isn’t just scamming the Cardinals for an opportunity to make millions just to hit on local Phoenix Milfs, he could potentially be the next young offense genius if his air raid offense can succeed at the next level.

This man went 35-40 in college, has never coached in the NFL before and will get a better shot than Steve Wilks did, who got one year and was fired immediately and will probably never get another opportunity to be a head coach again.

Ah, to be white and handsome. Scammer of the Year. Retire this man’s jersey. I guarantee he’s already texting Josh Rosen’s mom.




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