Eric Reid and Malcolm Jenkins Publicly Fighting Before a Game is the ‘They Never Should of Gave You Niggas Money’ Moment That White People Were Waiting For

Eric Reid and Malcolm Jenkins represent two opposing sides of the same argument.

Both men have been active leaders in the NFL players fight against social injustice in this country. One player knelt during the National Anthem and almost lost his livelihood from it and the other is Malcolm Jenkins.

Here’s what Eric Reid has to say about Malcolm Jenkins:

For context, Malcolm Jenkins is one of the leaders of the ‘Player Coalition’, which is essentially a faux organization of players working together for racial equality but going about it in a very sketchy way by working with the NFL, excluding Colin Kaepernick from the negotiations and agreeing on a deal that would be ban players kneeling in exchange for an almost $100 million ‘contribution’.

So when Eric Reid calls Malcolm Jenkins a ‘sell out’ it’s because Jenkins was really out here selling out the other players right to protest for that sweet sweet cash.

Personally, I don’t feel as strongly about Jenkins’s actions as Eric Reid does but at the same time, Jenkins is a Philadelphia Eagle so I automatically disagree with everything he says and does. Team Eric Reid on this one.

But what actually bothers me about this pre-game altercation is that two black men are out here fighting about how to end racial oppression in front of an audience of millions of their white oppressors. This is what racist white people have been doing for years. Getting us to fight amongst ourselves instead of joining forces against them.

So many (racist) people thought Eric Reid should have never been given this opportunity to play football again because he kneeled during the National Anthem and now those same people get to be like ‘see, look at this [insert any racial slur you’d like].



But what cannot be lost in all of the madness on Sunday is that Zach Ertz tried to get involved and was absolutely ragdolled by Eric Reid.

This one clip completely represents everything Eric Reid stands for and why we should all be supporting him. He singlehandedly took on the entire Eagles organization and won.


3 things are true about this Eric Reid/Malcolm Jenkins beef:


1. Players need to be a unified front if they want to make any real impact and change in their communities.

2. These two men need to settle this shit privately in not in front of the white people that beat off to seeing black people fight each other so they can scream ‘I told you so’ at the top of their lungs.

3. Zach Ertz is a bitch.





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