Enjoyed Life In Lockdown? Dreading Your Return To Work? A Look At What You Could Be Doing Instead!

Some of us have hated every second of lockdown. We’ve done our best to stay at home, to slow the spread of COVID-19, protect the vulnerable and help to reduce the risks, to our families, and to others, but we haven’t enjoyed it. We’re eager to get back to normal as soon as possible. We’ve missed our jobs, and we can’t wait to get back to them.


Other people would rather never return to their normal lives. They’ve missed their friends and family but have barely given work a second thought. Even people that thought that they enjoyed their jobs are suddenly realizing that perhaps there are more important things, that there might be a different way to live, and that just maybe, the 9-5 isn’t for them. 


Fortunately, we live in 2020, and if you hate the idea of going back to the office, you have got other options!

Start a Home Business

A home business is a great way to completely change your lifestyle. You can work flexibly, doing something that you love in a way that suits you—working around life, instead of forcing your life into a box to fit your work. 


Starting a home business can be tough, and you’ll want to take precautions such as using virtual services to protect your address, but if you’ve got an idea and the guts to give it a go, there’s nothing to stop you. Think about your hobbies, the businesses that you love, and things that you enjoy doing, and ask yourself if you could make money from them. 

Find Freelance Work

If you want to work from home, for yourself, but you don’t have a product or any ideas on how to start a business, could you make money working as a freelancer? 


If you have any skills, such as writing, proofreading, translating, web design, editing, photography, or graphic design, could you sell them to other people? Other freelance options could include working as a virtual assistant or trying a combination of different things. Freelancing has the advantage of allowing you to start making money straight away, without having to put all of the groundwork in, like you would to start a business. 

Talk About Remote Working Options

If you enjoy your job, but you hate the idea of going back into the office after working from home for months, is there any way that you could work remotely going forward? If it’s gone well, speak to your manager about your options. 

Find A New Job

If you are really dreading going back to work, ask yourself if it’s the idea of returning to the office, or returning to your particular job that you are worried about? Might it be time to start looking for something new?


The world is beginning to return to normal, and unless your finances allow for some time off, you may have to go back to work. In which case, be thankful that you aren’t one of the millions of newly unemployed people and start preparing for a different future.


Written by Deadseriousness

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