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Eli Manning is Dead, Daniel Jones Killed Him

The New York Giants started the 2019 season 0-2 looking atrocious in both losses to the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills. In Week 1, they made the Cowboys rethink their negotiations with Dak Prescott as the Giants defense turned Dak Prescott into Patrick Mahomes.

In Week 2, Josh Allen had a field day. A literal field day. Like an Elementary School kid having the time of his life playing in an open field. The season was lost. The defense couldn’t stop anyone and after Saquon Barkley scored two quick touchdowns in both games, the offense was totally stagnant.

Enter Daniel Jones.

The sixth pick of the 2019 NFL Draft that sent New York, and myself especially, into a frenzy. Daniel Jones did absolutely nothing at Duke to become a Top 10 draft pick. Dwayne Haskins broke every Big Ten passing record and Daniel Jones was irrelevant.

It was such a wild move that conspiracy theories formed. Daniel Jones was just drafted because his head coach at Duke has a relationship with the Manning Family and they were all working with Giants owner, John Mara, and the front office. Jones was roommates in college with Pat Shurmur’s son. What a coincidence…

It was all fishy as hell.

Annnnd then Daniel Jones immediately proved that he was the best quarterback on planet Earth putting up borderline perfect performances in the preseason.

Jones went 29-for-34 with 416 yards, 2 TDs and no interceptions. Every time he stepped onto the field, it was made extremely clear that he had no business backing up Eli Manning.

And then Eli Manning proceeded to start this season losing two consecutive games. He completed 62% of his passes for 556 yards with 2 TDs and 2 interceptions. Eh. AVERAGE.

Daniel Jones is named the starter for Week 3 and suddenly it’s like we’re watching modern football for the first time. We are finally watching a quarterback that can move out of the pocket. A quarterback that can scramble for a first down when pocket collapses and the receivers are covered.

Here’s a fun fact: Daniel Jones scored a rushing touchdown on his 22nd career play.

Here’s another fun fact: Eli Manning didn’t score his first rushing touchdown until his 22nd career game.

Eli is dead.

Guys, Daniel Jones is one of the fastest motherfuckers in the league. How did Eli Manning play a single game this season?

The Giants came out of halftime down 10-28 before Danny Dimes hit Evan Engram in stride for 75 yard catch and run to the endzone.

Look at where DJ puts that ball. It’s such a minor thing but it makes such a massive difference. Eli Manning loves throwing passes at receiver’s feet or behind them. If Eli threw that ball, it would’ve been a quick 8 yard gain as Engram had to stop and catch a bad pass behind him.

But Daniel Jones threw that ball in a place where Engram could catch and take off for 75 yards.

Not only does Daniel Jones throw better passes than Eli but the way he hangs in the pocket is impressive. He’s fearless back there. Tampa Bay has a Top 10 pass rush in the NFL this season and Daniel Jones didn’t cower. He didn’t shrink in the pocket. He stood in there and went through his reads completely unaffected by linebackers trying to take his head off.

Now, I don’t want to keep comparing Daniel Jones to Eli Manning because it’s simply not fair to Eli. Eli looks like a dinosaur from an era of football before the forward pass back when they wore leather helmets meanwhile Danny Deep Ball looks like Lamar Jackson back there dipping and dodging defensive linemen and hit receivers down the field.

We all rolled our eyes at this shitty Giants receiving corp after Odell Beckham was traded away. DJ turned this into superstars.

Sterling Shephard: 7 catches 100 yards 1 TD

Evan Engram: 6 catches 113 yards 1 TD

Darius Slayton: 3 catches 82 yards

Daniel Jones is out here making Darius Slayton look like a superstar. Saquon Barkley injured his ankle early in the game and I didn’t even bat an eye. The team doesn’t need him. Daniel Jones will rush it into the endzone on his own.

Eli Manning is dead, Daniel Jones killed him.

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