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Eli Manning is About To Be a Catty Messy Little Bitch This Season

Petty hours have begun.

Eli Manning was told that the New York Giants went out of their way to reeeeaaaach for a quarterback with the No. 6 pick and Eli won’t even so much as congratulate the kid.

This is Eli’s final form. It happens to all of our favorite gunslingers. Some quarterbacks succeed by studying the opponent’s defense and hours upon hours of preparation.

Some quarterbacks, like Brett Favre, Joe Flacco and Eli Manning succeed by having strong arms and just chucking the ball with their eyes closed into double coverage because their ‘gut’ told them to.

These quarterbacks treat backup quarterbacks like mistresses stealing their husbands. Brett Favre made Aaron Rodgers cry in their first year together in Green Bay. Joe Flacco still hasn’t returned any of Lamar Jackson’s text or calls.

And now Eli Manning is acting as if the 2019 NFL Draft didn’t even happen.

Did Davis Webb and Kyle Lauletta really stink that bad or did they get zero support from their veteran leader? It’s safe to say Eli wasn’t putting his arm around those guys and teaching them little tricks of the trade. Probably turned on read receipts for the sole purpose of leaving them on read and making sure they knew it.

Everyone thought Daniel Jones and Eli were boys because they had the same college coach but nah b, that shit is all cute until it comes time to take his job. Eli is about to act Danny J isn’t even there and honestly, same.

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