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Edwin Diaz is My Hero

Edwin Diaz is the worst pitcher in the world(?) or at the very least, the worst pitcher in Major League Baseball. Every time Mickey Calloway walks out to the mound and calls for Diaz, you can pretty much chalk that game up as a W for the opposing team.

In his last two appearances, he’s pitched 1 inning and has allowed 4 earned runs including 2 homers. He has seven blown saves this season which is a shocking statistic. It feels like he has 700 blown saves.

After an impressive 2018 season where he led the league in saves and legit received MVP votes, Diaz was traded to the New York Mets along with Robinson Cano and has forgotten how to throw a baseball.

Earlier this week, Edwin Diaz tied a major league record after allowing his 14th 9th inning home run this season tying Francisco Rodriguez’s record from 2014.

A king.

There’s no real explanation for how Diaz has fallen off a cliff so quickly. Closers don’t seem to have much longevity. Outside of Mariano Rivera and Trevor Hoffman, closers typically have two or three huge years before they implode much like Francisco Rodriguez did.

Edwin Diaz is in the final year of his rookie contract and will be entering arbitration with zero leverage but here’s the thing: The Mets managed to put themselves in a position where they somehow have even less leverage.

After acquiring Robinson Cano’s $30 million deal, the Mets don’t really have much spending money. It’s almost a guarantee that they’ll be losing Zach Wheeler in free agency so they need to hold onto whatever affordable players they can as all of their finances are wrapped around Cano, Jacob deGrom oh, and Yoenis Cespedes, a player who broke his legs this season falling off a horse into a hole(??)

Edwin Diaz can serve beach balls down the middle of the plate all he wants and the Mets have no choice but to bring him back.

He is my hero. In 2018, he showed just how dominant he could be and proceeded to come back the following season with no desire to work as hard as he did the year prior. He got all the recognition he ever wanted and is ready to chill in New York doing the very least.

Work hard. Get love. Stop working hard. Chill.

Again, a king.

He is me and I am Edwin Diaz. Catch me and Diaz at the US Open this weekend drunk as hell wearing Yankees hats an hour after he blew a 9th inning lead.

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