Dwayne Haskins Will Never Throw Another Pass in the NFL

After 16 career games in two professional seasons, it is safe to say that Dwayne Haskins will never play another game in the NFL after being released today by the Washington Football Team.

Haskins set every Big Ten passing record at Ohio State before being selected No. 15 overall in 2019. Some scouts even believed he should’ve been selected first. I don’t think Arizona is kicking themselves for choosing Kyler Murray with the first pick.

Dwayne Haskins didn’t stand a chance.

After his first career win, Haskins got in trouble for missing the final snap of the game because he was with a fan taking a selfie. Washington interim head coach, Bill Callahan, was pissed and the NFL media treated a 22 year old black kid making a simple mistake the exact way you’d think they treated him: not well.

Ron Rivera was hired in the offseason and gave Haskins the opportunity to make this team his own. Haskins, uh, did not.

He started the first 4 weeks of the season and Washington was 1-3 with Haskins putting up some of the worst numbers in the league before being benched for Kyle Allen and Alex Smith. One of those quarterbacks has a leg composed of old banana peels and chicken bones. Haskins lost his job to him. Not great.

The problem with Haskins isn’t just that he can’t throw footballs with any level of accuracy because I do believe that can be fixed. Josh Allen is one of the best QBs in the NFL and he couldn’t complete over 50% of his passes in community college against gym teachers and security guards.

In Week 6, Haskins was fined for violating Covid-19 protocol. Then after a Week 15 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, he once again violated Covid-19 protocol after being photographed maskless at a strip club celebrating his girlfriend’s birthday. Washington promptly removed his captaincy which is hilarious to come into the facility the next day and get handed your new jersey without the C on the chest.

But Washington gave him one last chance to rise from the ashes this Sunday against the Panthers. Prove you belong here.

Dwayne Haskins went 14-for-28 for 154 yards, 2 interceptions and a lost fumble.

He is no longer on the roster.

It is impossible for an immature young kid to grow up in an organization where the owner pimped out cheerleaders and pressured them to go bang potential team sponsors. It is impossible to grow up when you play in the worst division where 5 wins can get you in the playoffs so your development comes secondary to sneaking into the playoffs so old man Alex Smith gets more reps than you in practice.

A new gm and new head coach come in and look at you like ‘this isn’t our QB’ so you have no allies in the organization. You have to prove your worth to guys who don’t give any shit about your career and have no stakes in your success.

Now, I’m not saying he’ll never make another roster but this guy will never be active on game day again. He will be third-string until his agent stops answering his calls.

Alexa, delete all of my tweets saying that the Giants should’ve drafted Haskins instead of Daniel Jones.


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