Don’t Sleep on the Very Realistic Possibility of the New York Knicks Acquiring Kawhi Leonard

The Kawhi Leonard vs. The San Antonio Spurs saga continues right along as today it is being reported that teams are now actively throwing trade offers at the Spurs for Leonard, one of the top 5 players in the NBA today.

Kawhi Leonard has been struggling with a quad injury all season and has only played in 9 games where he averaged about 16 points in 23 minutes per game. Not bad.

After being medically cleared to play several times by the San Antonio training staff, Leonard still elects not to rejoin the team as he claims he doesn’t feel 100% healthy.

If you’re a Spurs fan, you have to be pissed that this guy is seemingly choosing to sit out when you’re battling for a playoff spot in the Western Conference where a 2-game losing streak could land you in the 10th seed and watching the postseason from home with Kawhi.

From Kawhi’s perspective, it seems as though he is preserving himself for his next contract. He has one year left in San Antonio and could potentially sign the supermax this offseason for over $200 million but what if Kawhi doesn’t want to be in San Antonio anymore?

Kawhi wants to be a star or at least the team he has surrounded himself with wants Kawhi to be a star. He recently turned down a 4-year $20million deal with Jordan brand sneakers because they refused to give him a signature show that would make him RICH.

In 2016, Leonard finished 2nd in MVP voting and in 2017, he finished 3rd. In his mind, he deserves some recognition. He’s tired of playing with you motherfuckers.

Enter New York.

New York City, baby. The biggest market in the country. If Kawhi wants his star to rise then he should be trying to demand a trade to the Big Apple: Home of the Pizza Rat and the guy on the L train that’s STILL selling batteries in 2018. No place like home.

But can the Knicks actually pull off this heist?

Yea sure. They would most likely have to throw in Frank Ntilikina and their 2018 first round draft pick that they’ve worked so hard to tank for and honestly, might have to throw in a 2019¬†first round draft pick too. Take it. Take it all San Antonio. Leonard is set to make $20 million and in order to match that, they’d need to throw in either Enes Kanter or Tim Hardaway Jr. Good. Cool. Take them.

The question then becomes, would San Antonio even want that for a former Defensive Player of the Year and NBA Finals MVP? It all depends on how much they value Ntilikina’s ceiling, the value of those first round draft picks and if they believe Kawhi would refuse to sign the supermax.

I’ve convinced myself that the Knicks are going to trade for Kawhi Leonard and no one can tell me otherwise. Kawhi and Kristaps vs. Everyone. Good luck, everyone.






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