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Donald Trump Sneaky Pardons Racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the Middle of a Hurricane

President Trump has pardoned controversial former Sheriff Joe Arpaio for a misdemeanor criminal contempt conviction.

A statement issued by the White House Friday night said, “Today, President Donald J. Trump granted a Presidential pardon to Joe Arpaio, former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona.”

Known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” Arpaio gained a reputation for his harsh — his critics would say cruel — treatment of immigrants in the country illegally.

Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt earlier this summer for defying a judge’s order that his deputies stop detaining immigrants because they lacked legal status. His deputies carried on the practice for 18 months.


Donald Trump doing Donald Trump things. Millions of people have their attention turned to the hurricane hitting Texas right now and Trump is in the shadows pardoning sheriff Joe Arpaio who straight up committed a crime and is now free of all charges because white supremacists stick together.

That white supremacy line is harsh. I admit that. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was just doing his job when he dragged Hispanic residents out of their home in Arizona and demanded that they prove their US citizenship even after federal judges ruled against that practice. Pardon me. And pardon him as well, apparently.

Not quite sure why Donald Trump took it upon himself to pardon Arpaio. Were people out here campaigning for this? Is that what all these protests are about? Orrrr did these two men just play a round of golf earlier this week and shared a mutual disgust for the grounds crew at the Country Club?

Great minds think alike. Also racist minds think alike as well.





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