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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Sitting Next To Each Other At George Bush’s Funeral Is…..Something

Totally understandable to seat the presidents next to each other at the funeral of a former president. I suppose this is just the first time in American history in which a former president’s wife ran for office and lost to one of the worst humans on Earth.

Shout out to Hillary Clinton for knowing damn well that all cameras would be on her when Donny and Melania rolled up and saying ‘fuck them’. As someone who is currently sitting on countless grudges for far less important things, I’m team Hillary here. I don’t care if we’re at a funeral, a graduation or a baseball game, if we have beef then don’t come near me.

Also shout out to the Obamas for not caring at all. Almost a decade in the office and they’re done with everything. You know they were high as hell off a weed brownie they shared in the parking lot. They might shake George H. W. Bush’s hands in the casket.

I’m going to keep refreshing my Twitter feed so I don’t miss the inevitable stabbing when Hillary finally snaps and goes on a rampage.


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