Donald Trump Thinks Hillary Clinton is on Drugs and Wants a Drug Test Before the Next Debate

So Donald Trump thinks Hillary is on drugs. Uh, no shit she’s on drugs. She’s a 68-year old woman who has secret seizures literally all day long and she’s trying to obtain the most stressful job on the planet. Of course she’s on drugs.

It’s 2016. Who cares if Hillary is on drugs? I hope she’s smoking a blunt right this second as Bill’s in the other room scrubbing some bottle waitresses lipstick off of his collar. Let her live. I’m pretty sure Trump does coke on the daily. Power move on his part to demand a drug test that he knows he’s going to fail.

Donald Trump drug test demands are coming out of the vapors but when you’re so clearly losing an election you think you’re supposed to be winning, it must be because Hillary is using performance enhancing drugs. Everyone’s on drugs. Let’s keep getting high and yelling at each during debates, please.



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